Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sucking it Up

"Have a great day." 
Sheesh, Dunkin guy.  You really have no idea, do you? 
Tuck my little mocha latte in the cupholder and pull out of the drive through, muttering angrily under my breath all the million little reasons I DESERVE this right now (because of course that's the only way to silence the guilt of knowing that I really shouldn't have spent so much money on caffeine and sugar and I really don't need it in my body, either).  The muttering ramps up into a growl as I meander through traffic, but comes to a quick halt as I see the reason for a billion-car backup.  Some poor guy just rammed his ride smack into the median and is standing on the curb speechless staring at the missing front half of his car. 
No matter how bad it feels, there's always someone whose day was worse than yours.
So bring it, technology night class and a few more hours of paperwork following that.  Yes, Gloria Gaynor, I WILL SURVIVE.
And heck, Project Runway Allstars (totally rooting for Mondo) comes on at 9, and my dear friend the Bumbling Gardenista will be joining me with dandelion root tea, and then I shall cuddle with sweet hubby and the ferocious kitty, and then....well, tomorrow is another day.

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