Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A V-Day Gift Guide

A Love-Day Gift Guide for the Woman in your Life
(i.e. all the things I want from Anthropologie, because I am obsessed and because I am poor)...
by Rach

1. Lollia Eau De Parfum in Breathe...$44.  The perfect clean, floral, girly scent that's not overpowering or strong enough that you couldn't wear it every day.  Also the closest thing I've found to Magnolia Blossom from B&BB (sadly discontinued...sniff sniff)

2. The Helianthus Goblet...only $8 a pop and so vintage and fun!  I know, I know..again with the Anthro glassware, but seriously, have you checked that stuff out!!??!

3. The Chaley Necklace...$58.  How classy and functional is this?  Would look so cute with that lbd and divine with that comfy oversized chambray shirt you wear like every day...oh wait, that's me.
4. The Dalian Tray...$24. For jewelry and bath goodies...such a great mint color and so functional.

Is this a good time to tell my husband I have a blog??  sigh...


  1. that tray is soo great for jewelry! love it!

  2. i so wish we had anthropologie in Australia. That goblet is super cute.

  3. What, tourist in my town? NO ANTHROS in Australia? That's a crime--although I'm sure you have some pretty sweet shopping spots that we don't have. Thanks so much for stopping by!


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