Monday, April 30, 2012

tids + bits

+ as further proof that I am old, I am loving Friday nights with no plans.  This means I can put on a fresh pot of coffee (flavored, because hubby's not home yet) and do the ole laundry/cleaning/cooking/bill-paying/coupon-clipping wife thing.  Sometimes I just love that.

+speaking of cooking, tried my hand at twice-baked potatoes.  The first baking took place in the microwave, the 2nd in the oven (which can reach 275 if you cheer for it).  They weren't too bad, really!  And can we just generally agree that asparagus is the best.vegetable.ever?

+grow, babies, grow!  love my little cool to think that I can do all the work of planting, cultivating, watering, etc, but only God can make them grow!

+one of the many neat little things hubby does is clean-outs for estates and things like that.  I personally love when he does these types of jobs because he brings me home fun treasures :)  The man knows me better than anyone else, which is why he brings me boxes of costume jewelry to dig through (seriously, boxes) and boxes of colored antique bottles.  Now the question is, how many chains can I twist together stylishly without looking like Mr. T?  Anyone found any fun pinterest projects for repurposing clip-on earrings?  I have a bajillion...I counted.

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