Monday, July 2, 2012

On Waiting for Babies

I'm a girl.
So naturally I experience a wide range of emotions when babies are mentioned.
No, I am not pregnant.
But I am about to witness the birth of my newest little niece any day, any moment now.  I am obsessively staring at my phone just waiting for the call.  I was incredibly honored (and scared) when my sister-in-law and brother asked me to be present in the delivery room for the birth of their first child last year.  I was the designated videographer, and can I just tell you that it was the single most incredible experience of my life to date!!!  I wasn't grossed out at all like I thought I might be.  It's hard to be grossed out when you are crying because you're seeing the most beautiful thing God ever designed.  A new life being born...and the love that you immediately feel for that little one...just incredible.  I just can't imagine what it must feel like when it's your own child.

So as I wait for my newest little love, I'm giggling with sheer delight over the new babies being born in my garden....does anyone else get excited about this?  These are the first things I've ever grown!

baby zucchini buds

broccoli raab...what's left after the horn worms feasted

hot peppa!
baby green 'maters!
little cukes!
New life just makes me smile.
I think I've yet to experience true baby fever, but I just might be jonesing just a little for my own little one for the very first time.


  1. Aw! Yes I also am thrilled when I see my little veggies or fruits starting to grow :) The last year or so I haven't been tending to them though, so only a few things are growing, but the good news is it's because I was busy growing and raising my own little baby! :)

  2. Hey Rach! It's Allyssa (! You have a cute blog! =] It's so cool to see how little things make you smile!

  3. me=brown thumb, lover of babies


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