Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Good for the Soul & a Series of Unflattering Shots

It's Tuesday evening, although it feels a little like a Thursday already.  Let's just say it is and skip right to Friday tomorrow.  Who's with me?

Today I'm rocking the side braid...it's sort of a noncommittal-I-can't-be-bothered-today do and I'd like to think it detracts from my billion fluffy fly-aways.  Speaking of which, is it frustrating to anyone else to get a haircut and have it look so nice and neat on the ends but you still have those silly fly-aways hanging out on top that make you look like a middleschooler?  How DO you get rid of those?  HOW?
This evening I made chicken soup for dinner...a la Serenity Now's easy-to-follow recipe that you can find here.  As I waited for this good stuff to simmer, I leaned on my counter with the ole' laptop and  caught up on last night's Bachelor.  Here and only here you can view my reactions to Ben's utter silliness...
Umm...apparently it's time to redo my nails...I just can't decide if I like this green color from Ulta.  I love it, and then I see it in a picture and it looks like mold?  Yes, definitely time to change it out.  I leave you with a tasty bowl of this...
and I'm headed to the couch with a little glass of orange juice (the hypoglycemic's best friend) and a little bit of American Idol while hubby is out playing basketball with the church league.  Early bedtime tonight?  I think yes.

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