Monday, February 27, 2012

Lady Time

photo credit: Jeroen van Oostrom

This weekend my good friend, The Bumbling Gardenista, and I traveled to my hometown for a ladies' retreat at the church where I grew up.  There is oh so much I could say in reflection, but let me just highlight a few things:

*  "Do you want to know if you have a servant's heart?  Ask yourself how you feel when you're treated like a servant."     (ouch...convicted much?)

*Carrot cake and endless cups of joe...I mean, of course.

*Playing "games" with a group of middle-aged ladies after 11 can only imagine how these dear ones "let their hair down".

*Catching up with a sweet friend and hearing her heart for missions and her plans to take action!  

*Hearing the precious voices of godly women I have always admired in earnest prayer for their sisters and children.  There is something so quietly powerful about women who are prayer warriors...and the privilege to join your own voice with theirs.

*Road trip with a good girlfriend and loving true girltalk...sharing stories of how we've been blessed and surprised by marriage and sharing our dreams of owning sprawling gardens and livestock someday!  (Also planning our next trip...the ultimate Goodwill circuit!)

*Stopping in Amish-country for the best kettlecorn that exists.

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  1. sounds like good times. my family used to visit amish country to see an amish doctor. he was amazing.


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