Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'm an Applicance Dummy

This is the one where I admit my all-out ignorance of the kitchen appliance world...I mean, like the 2012 world...not the 1980's one I apparently still live in.  Hubs and I took a field trip to the appliance store to do some oven shopping last night...and boy was my mind blown!  I mean, I was totally stumped on the whole electric vs gas thing, but there is so much more to think about!

Color...I'm thinking that if I had an all-white, clean, vintagey looking kitchen, I'd go for the white ones...but since that's not likely and I have a major crush on wood grain (yes, I do), I'm thinking all stainless or a stainless/black combo...but more stainless than black.

I think my ideal dream kitchen looks something like this...     Source: Segreto  Fine Paint Finishes
I love contrast in the woods and colors, some texture, a lot of natural/rustic, and a little vintage mixed in.  I'm thinking stainless works the best with this.

I'm sure I want a range where the burner/grate thing is continuous...not four separate burners with space in between...I want to be able to slide the pots and pans around without things falling or the surface being uneven.  I was also interested in the "powerboil" burners they have now that supposedly reduce boiling time?  Anyone know how true this is?  A few models had a special burner for simmering also.

Since I'm a breakfast food fiend, of course I liked the sliding griddle option on some models, but that alone was an extra $100...not sure it's worth much as I love me some pancakes!

At this point, I'm thinking something a little like this...
But then there's the double oven...I mean, how cool are those?  Anyone have one and want to tell me if it's worth it?  Hubs likes the efficiency as far as energy usage...just not sure if it's enough to warrant the expense.

Before we left, we browsed through the fridge and freezer section...and I very ignorantly made the comment that I don't like the double door fridges...I just feel so awkward opening them like double doors at a church or something.  Then Hubs gently pointed out that pretty much ALL fridges are made that way now to conserve energy.  Uh...right.  I knew that.  *awkward grin as we went up and down rows of fridges with double doors*  That's something I'm going to have to get used to. 

It was pushing 9pm as we walked through the big screen tv section...I basically turn into a pumpkin after 8 pm on weekdays, so I was useless at that point as hubs started talking about how small 50 inches looks these days...  People, this is a fancy world we live in, and I know pretty much nothing about it.  Front loading washers save water and use less soap...really?  I'm 25 and I am so OLD!

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