Monday, March 12, 2012

The Swap Recap

Oh boy.  It's been a while since I last posted.  But I am determined that this blog will not be one of those things that I start strong and then just let's been a crazy week for sure, but I'm still standing.  Is the vicious stomach bug running rampant in your town and destroying your friends and family like it is mine?  Goodness...I spent one day passed out on the couch and the following 5 days regaining my energy a little bit at a time.  Then checking in on my family as they each took their turns on the couch as well...and well, hugging the toilet.  Let's just be real.  It's not pretty. 

But let me just highlight the great success the clothing swap was this past weekend.  The food was fun, the tunes were on, my house was a flippin' thrift store, and everyone went home with some sweet goodies free of charge.  Huzzah!  Check out my old cheap point-and-shoot documentation.  (Sweet camera for my birthday, pretty please?)

These little suckers were so quick and fun and I could eat about a million by myself...the link is in the post below, but obviously they're easy to put together.
Obviously I'm not "all fancy", but this was a tasty spread.  I found this virgin sangria recipe here and loved how it turned out.  I threw some lil' smokies in the crockpot with grape jelly and chili sauce (I know, I didn't believe it either), and the waffle cones with berries and cantaloupe pieces tucked inside.  And then there were these....
These suckers are a dream come true...banana cinnamon cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and nutella inside!  So easy to make...just a white cake mix with some add-ins.  Thanks to my sweet momma for letting me come over and bake in her oven!  See the link in the post below for the deets!

So I had my friends drop off their clothes a day or two in advance so I could start setting up...I couldn't believe how much stuff I ended up with!  My dining-room-to-be became the boutique.  This was only about 60% of the stuff we had...
Some great treasures in those piles!  A few of my friends came down with that yucky virus I mentioned, one of whom was planning on bringing the jewelry motherload, so I placed our meager bling selection on one of my fave recent thrifting wooden birdcage!
All in all I'd call it a success...and boy, did I score some sweet finds!  More to come on that this it's off to the couch with me to snuggle with the kitty and maybe hit the sack early.  TAKE YOUR VITAMINS!  THIS IS YOUR MOTHER SPEAKING.  And in other news, oven shopping tomorrow!!!  Gas or electric?  Thoughts?


  1. Love a gas stove after years of electric, although I do love a flat top, easier to clean...Good luck! LOVE the spread of food, and it was fancy enough...Thanks for sharing.


  2. That looks like so much fun and that food looks so good! I love clothing swaps! Thank you so much for your sweet comment :)


  3. Glad it went well, despite the sickness spreading around.
    If you're really big on cooking, I vote gas,

    1. That's what we're thinking, too at this point--we love to cook!!

  4. That food looks FANTASTIC! Loving your blog!

    1. thanks, Danielle! So glad you stopped by!

  5. This is the best idea. I want to organize this type of thing with my people right away! Thanks for sharing this Rach.


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