Monday, March 19, 2012

Swap Swag

Sorry, but my friends are kinda stupid.  Stupid enough to give up these treasures to me at the clothing swap!  Granted, they have their reasons, like things don't fit them anymore because they have beautiful babies now, or they wore these things a billion times and have moved on to better pieces, if that's even possible.  Either way, I scored big with this stuff.  Observe.
*First on the top left are some great tweed trousers from Banana Republic that I am loving for work with my leopard flats and a neutral top.  All about it.

*Then bottom left there's a silky little top from Nine West with a fun little tie at the neck and some really cute petal sleeves.  You can't tell from the picture, but the print reminds me of the NYC skyline.

*The center is possibly my fave...a fun sheer bird tunic from Target with a cute belt--I'm in love with the green/blue/teal-y color.

*Top right is my second's Michael Kors...can you believe that!??  Love the little leather detail at the waist and the cute flowy-ness of this cardi.  Looks great with those tweed trousers!

*Underneath that is a fun plaid tunic with gathers in the front--really flattering and easy to style with my skinny cargoes for a casual look.

*And a fun brown paisley pashmina because I can't get enough of those!

Let's not talk about that fact that pretty much everything is neutral and/or in the gray family.  I definitely gravitate toward neutrals when I'm shopping, too--just so easy to mix and match.  I promise I do have splashes of color in my wardrobe...really!  Can't live without my mustard cardi-wearing it right now!  And I happened to add a really fun bright bright orange tunic and some mint pants to my closet just last week.

So there you have it.  Score any sweet new finds lately?  Please share!

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  1. these are some sweet scores! For that reason only, I love thrifting for work clothes :)


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