Monday, April 16, 2012


This post may or may not be inspired by the fact that my throat hurts like a mother today.  Let's not talk about my less-than-polite phraseology...let's just cut to the chase.  And today, the chase is 
ice cream.

It's all I want to eat.  No, it does not contain enough protein to make this a good decision.  But my throat, coupled with the fact that it's 85 degrees right now on April 16 in Pennsylvania, makes it not quite as dumb of a decision as it would be on another given day.

When I was little and we'd go out for ice cream, I was not exactly adventurous.  I ALWAYS ordered chocolate, with no toppings of any kind.  The idea of ordering vanilla seemed ridiculous since it's so plain and it's the cheapest to buy in stores.  We had mint chocolate chip on the very specialist of occasions.  Strawberry was just icky to me because it didn't have the rich fruity taste I loved about actual strawberries (I was weird...I hated milk shakes for the first 24 years of my life for the same reason).  Only in the last 4 or 5 years have I opened my mind to the wonderous world of ice cream flavors and topping combos.  Perhaps it's the hormones?  Hello, Dairy Queen, and welcome to my mouth, brownie batter blizzard.  We have a fantastic creamery near us that always has intriguing combos and a billion topping choices.  It's kinda my favorite.  And froyo?  YES, just yes.

So today, in honor of this craving and in the spirit of learning to be adventurous, here are 3 new combos I'm dying to try...

Balsamic Strawberry
Sounds like an amazing spinach salad without the spinach, right?  What could be better?

Candied Bacon
oooooooh yes.  Of course, candied bacon is a huge thing right now in all kinds of dessert combinations, but ice cream?  I love actual candied bacon, so I think I could be down with this.

Cereal Milk
And now apparently this is a trendy thing, too...that super-sweet, frothy milk in the bottom of your bowl all congealed with lucky charm marshmallows is the base for this ice cream.  I kinda hate cereal milk, but I might enjoy it as dessert?

What do you think?  Would you try any of these?  HAVE YOU tried them?  Do tell us!
What flavor are you craving today?


  1. Ok, now I'm craving icecream. Grrrr. Stupid wedding diets.

  2. Oh man that looks so good. I think I would try almost any flavor of ice cream.

  3. I love ice creaam but it's still so cold outside here in London :(

    Have a great day!


  4. Man I am such a vanilla girl... it is hard for me to branch out sometimes. I need to be more adventurous! hahaha these look great!

    1. I'll let you know if I try them!

  5. I haven't tried any of these exotic flavors, but now I'm craving a blizzard (mint oreo to be exact) and it's not even 7AM!!! Hope your throat feels better ;)

    1. thanks...Friday night and I'm finally feeling a little more like myself again...darn kids and their germs!! :) oreo. happy weekend!

  6. oh gosh, of course i'm reading this post as i'm eating ice cream, ha. my favorite!!
    xo TJ


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