Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cinco de My-own Birthday

I'm a cinco de mayo baby, you know.  It was a great birthday weekend for sure.  Here's just a few thoughts on the big 2-6.

I started off the day with a delightful breakfast cooked by my honey.  The even more exciting thing about this is he always cooks breakfast for me on Saturdays.  Could he be any more dreamy?

I put on my lace skirt (and silk top that is NOT so flattering in pictures...this is why I love belts) and headed off to the ladies' tea at my church to eat delicious tea party food...scones, tea sandwiches, mini cheesecakes, etc...and to hear a dear lady speak.  She's a good friend of my grandmother's and someone I've always admired.  She spoke on being a "woman of action" and asking yourself, "What can I do with my hands for the kingdom of God?"  The perfect challenge for this new year of my life.

I came home and spent a really therapeutic hour playing through the new piano books my mom bought me for my birthday.  It's been so long since I've had new piano music and actually allowed myself to sit down and play without preparing for playing in a service or special event.  What a treat!

I skipped out to the mailbox to find cards from family and friends, cheerily reading their notes as I sipped a luxurious afternoon cup of coffee.

Then hubby came home from a job and whisked me away to dinner.  He asked me where I wanted to go, and I picked a cute little grille not to far from our house in the woods of horse country.  They've got great food and great margaritas, and it's totally casual dining--totally my style.  Husband asked me why I didn't pick something more 'birthday-worthy' {translation: expensive and all fancy-like} but we've just been so busy lately.  I just wanted to sit on the patio under the stars and sip my margarita by candlelight and just talk to my man.  I may or may not have eaten more than half of the calamari appetizer and then could only actually eat 1 bite of my entre, but hey, it's my birthday and I'll take home my leftovers and eat them a little bit each day until it's now 3 days later and I just finished them because I can.  It's the birthday dinner that never ends.  And yes, it's perfectly acceptable to write run-on sentences when you're 26.


  1. So glad your birthday was fantastic! I hope God blesses this year and all you set out to do!,

  2. Love your pick for dinner. Good for you and playing the piano...something I wished I would of learned or even had my kids learn. Happy Late Birthday!




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