Thursday, May 3, 2012

I Don't Ask for Much

As I mentioned earlier, it is the week of my birth.  Actually, cinco de mayo is my birthday.  And since I am a major partier (so not true), I'll be celebrating in major fashion at a ladies' tea party and then gardening with my husband.  You know it.

But I thought I'd first share with you some items on my birthday wish list.  There's still time...

1. a margarita.  Just one.  After all, it is cinco de mayo.

2. popsicle molds.  I want to make all kinds of fun healthy and not-healthy popsicles to eat by my pool.  Love those ice cream cone ones, but I'd settle for anything I can wash and reuse one billion times.

3. something chocolate.  with goo.  that I can sink my teeth into.

4. a high-low maxi dress or skirt, preferably in a fun color or print.  and one that's not too high and more low.  like this!

There you have it.  My wishes for a happy 26th.  I'd settle for a margarita and call it a year.


  1. Happy birthday (tomorrow)! Those brownies look aaamazing!

  2. I have been looking for a maxi dress too. I love your blog. I think we should follow each other -

    Much Love.

    P.S. Happy Birthday

  3. Omg!! Hope you had an awesome birthday week!!
    I am not much for celebrating my own but I looove celebrating others' birthdays:)
    Now that you mention popsicle molds, I decided its time I actually get the ones I have been dreaming of!
    Hope you got some fun surprises!
    Blessings to you~


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