Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lip Crush

I go through stages of being a "makeup junkie"...you know, that little rush you get when you have about 12 makeup coupons clipped in your wallet and they happen to coincide with items on sale at CVS this week?  Oh, the colors.  Oh, the cute packaging.  Oh, the ad campaigns that are so good at convincing you you'll become a model if you wear this.  My biggest weaknesses for makeup hoarding are most definitely nail polish and lip products.

Ahhh lip products...a girl can never have too many forms of chapstick, gloss, balm, and lipstick.  And when they're relatively inexpensive, it's just so tempting to try a new one.  So today I thought I'd dig in my purse and show you some of my newest lip crushes so you can feel less guilty about splurging on something new...you heard it hear--they're awesome!

Revlon's Lip Butter.  I've mentioned this before, but wow, do I love it.  I have Sugar Frosting and Peach Parfait and I'm obsessed with both.  They're sparkly and sheer so I don't feel too fru-fru on my way to work or frolicking in my garden...and so super soft!

You know how Sephora gives you a little birthday gift if you order something around your special day? (in addition to lots of fun free samples)  Well, this was truly one of the neatest gifts I received this year.  Seriously...these little lip balms are the silkiest, smoothest little mini things...and they taste and smell amazing.  The clear one is almost grapefruity, and the red one is the perfect sheer cherry.  They have the cutest little metal tubes.  I just might need a full size when they're all gone.

And this.  If you haven't tried Baby Lips yet, come on now.  For less than $4, even cheaper with a coupon, you just cannot go wrong.  I have this in Peach Kiss and I love the feel and smell of it.  Again, all about the sheer color so I can apply lots and lots and not feel ridiculous.

Have you tried any of these?  What's your latest lip crush?  Give me a reason to splurge! :)


  1. Hey Rach!

    Love this...I'm addicted to all things Chapstick...Just bought a Chapstick brand that is Chocolate flavored. I love the idea of lipstick, just wish I knew what color works best on me...Now fingernail polish! Don't get me started...just today in fact, I purchased an electric blue, Taxi Yellow, Orange, Bright Neon Pink and a few others...I got a little carried away...NYC had some great colors each at a whopping .94 cents...Yes 94 CENTS! Lets hope I get at least two days of wear from them...

    Thanks for sharing...Hugs.

  2. I keep wanting to throw out all my makeup and start over. Not because anything is wrong with the stuff I have, but just for fun. I got those lip things from sephora too and I really like them. Plus, they're pretty cute.

  3. i've been wanting to try the fresh lip scrubs! i hear they're amazing!

  4. i forgot to go to sephora to pick up my free bday gift!!! i really wanted to try those!! i go thru make up phases, too...mainly with lipsticks tho.

    btw, i live in hawaii (regarding the avocados). there's a few small pictures of our tree in this post:

  5. Great tips!! I need to get more going in the way of a makeup routine and I love all this information!! Thanks for sharing and I am a new follower!!
    Hope you have a great weekend!!

  6. I love the lip butters and baby lips too


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