Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Too Vintage to be Cute?

So lately, on my at-least-once-a-week Goodwill trip, I spotted some fun vintage finds.  And I tried them on with much glee.  And then I left them there and went home.

I have this issue with buying really old clothes.  Like someone will look at me and say, "Wow, she's trying way too hard to be retro and cool," or something like that.

But here's when you know something was meant to belong in your closet.  When 24 hours later, you're still thinking about it and your car basically drives on autopilot back to Goodwill after work, and THEY'RE STILL THERE!

And now they live in my closet and I love them.  
What do you think?  Too vintage to be cute?  Can I pull these off?

The top is actually Target...NOT so old.
  Sandals from Kohls.
  Vintage wrap maxi skirt from Goodwill...colorful and sorta Aztec print meets 80's geometric print?

Vintage cobalt blue silk top...Goodwill
Vintage midi skirt in sorta-floral print with scalloped edge...Goodwill
Vintage brown belt...Goodwill (although you can't see it)
Vintage long gold tassel necklace...hubby found in a cleanout (although you can't see that either)
Target nude pumps...Goodwill

and props to my handsome hubby who matched me for church TOTALLY by accident
 and still let me have our picture taken together for posterity


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  1. i used to rationalize in the same way....if i liked something and STILL wanted it the next day, then it was meant to be. the blue skirt is really, really pretty! that was definitely a great find. nice pictures of you two!

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