Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pool Partay

Last weekend was my sweet mama's birthday.  So we decided to christen the summer season with a family pool party.  I'm kinda loving this whole owning-a-pool thing.  Especially since I have a pool boy!  
Introducing Bart:

I mean, this is the coolest invention ever.  A robot that cleans my pool while I do whatever the heck I want?  He is so awesome.

Cutest nephew in the history of the world...and my sister-in-law.

My mama and her dog-son...who was scared to get in the water.

Big Bro and Dad chillin' and shootin' the breeze.

Could not have asked for a more beautiful day to relax and laugh with family and celebrate all our blessings together.  Here's to summer!


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  1. I love pool parties too!!


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