Thursday, June 14, 2012

On Bravery, Zumba, and Firearms

Here I sit, snuggled on my couch, freshly showered, with a package of Rowntree's Fruit Gums by my side, and I'm choking back ridiculous tears.  Why, oh why, does my husband's camping trip coincide with my weekend of womanly hormonal rage?  I know he'll be back in 48 hours, but geez, it is just not right to snuggle in that bed without him.  But I will be brave, despite the superloud boogie men that go bump in the night, and because of the heat I'm packing just in case.

Enough about that.

My friend has been inviting me to her Zumba class on Monday nights for a little while now.  I haven't gone for several reasons, the greatest of which being a humongo fear of looking like an absolute fool.  I am not exactly the most coordinated person.  I mean, I FEEL that beat, but I just can't seem to make my body cooperate for long periods of time.

Anywho, on Monday I bit the proverbial bullet and took my little butt to Zumba class.  My friend just happened to stand me up, and of course I gave her a lot of grief for it, but it was actually ok.  I needed to take that first step and be a little vulnerable.  

Ack, the piercing fear ripping through my heart...

And the sheer exhaustion.  Seriously, do you guys do Zumba?  Such a great workout.
So much so that I went back tonight.  Loving it--it feels like 5 minutes, definitely not an hour of spasmatic cardio.  I'm sure I do still look like a fool doing it, but I'm learning to be ok with that.

And extra bonus?
This morning I threw my unbrushed, day-old hair into a french-type braid thing...

And then tonight, after getting my Zumba on, I discovered this...

Glorious beachy waves I can never seem to achieve when I want to.  Guess I need to exercise more!

Do you Zumba?  Do you love it?
How do you survive being home alone?


  1. Hey Rach,

    First things first...True story. I recently went on a trip 900 miles from where I live to visit some friends...for the first time I was kids, no hubby. I flew out of Chicago and landed in NC. The first night was brutal...I cried and asked myself, WHAT AM I DOING? You must know things are a little tense for me, so getting away sounded great, until it didn't. The night before leaving I was talking myself out of going and when I got there I was looking for the closest exit...after a day or two I gathered myself together and spent the last two days ALONE on the island and LOVED it! So empowering...once I got through the fear of being so far away...

    Anywho...for the record, I would do it again. Alone.
    As for Zumba... believe it or not...No never. BUT there is a class at the local resort and saw it listed just yesterday after working out and thinking I will give it a go! I will be sure to let you know...
    I know this is a long comment...couldn't help myself but share. Also...fingernail polish = the colors of the rainbow! Much like Skittles as I sit here eating a snack size bag.

    Lovely post on the HAIR! Gorgeous!


  2. Girl-I am a mess without my husby. Hope you get throught the 48 hours okay!
    And your hair is lovely!!!

  3. i have been wanting to try it forever! i keep hearing amazing things about it :) and your hair looks amazing!

    xx brie

  4. I'm like you - too scared to try Zumba! My sister tried it once and worked out too hard all at once and threw up right after class! Maybe some day I will work up the nerve :). Proud of you, though... you're an inspiration!

  5. Love the hair girl! Zumba-tried it once and didn't like it too much, but I think because it wasn't the right one at the time. It was on video and it was a few of us after work that got together to try it out. I'm willing to give it another go at a gym or something a bit more organized. Best of luck to you with Zumba! My cousin does it religiously and just loves it!


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