Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Super-Gross Hobby

So I thought that maybe if I was on vacay I would be blogging it up like crazy with all my extra free time and stuff.  Instead, I've posted even less than I normally do and slept more than any human probably should.  Eh, whatevs.
Besides sleeping, I've also been spending a lot of time on one seriously dirty habit....gardening.  I mean, no matter how little I do out there, I always come in covered in mud from head to toe.  
And I love it.  

But this week, I've found myself in mortal combat against the most disgusting of villains...check these bad boys out...

Introducing the horn worm.  Ick.  This very trendy creature (neon AND stripes), I'm told, will eat entire plants if you let him.  You best believe he will be not be indulging on my barrel-full of carrots.  When my dear friend, the Bumbling Gardenista (holla!), made me aware of the danger at hand, I promptly sliced and diced him with my hoe.  Phew.

Cue nightmares.  Who knew that ginormous spiders enjoyed romping in flats of marigolds?  With much gutteral screaming, this guy became the victim of my spade and my fear.

Some couples send mushy-gushy text messages during the day to make each other swoon.  You best believe he was impressed with this one.

I hope you're not sick of gardening...more on my shabby-chic diy endeavors tomorrow!  You know, if I'm not sleeping.

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