Friday, March 30, 2012


Husband was outside at almost 9 pm chopping up a block of wood for my diy experiment last evening...such a sweetie, that one.  I mentioned the other day that I planned to stop by Home Depot and they would cut me a board, right?  You should have seen the look he gave me.  He said he would have been "insulted" if I asked a Home Depot worker to do that for me.  So there he was in the bitter chill with his powertools being all hunky and cool :)

So I'm settling in with a cup of tea and my paintbrush to get to work.

Wish me well!  And next on my list are these super-cute Kate Spade look-alikes!  Love this idea, Anna!

Spring break has sprung!  Man, I drove away from work as fast as I possibly could this afternoon, given the fact that my tank was practically on E and I needed to coast to the nearest gas station.  But I did so with a song in my heart, that's for sure.  I want to make crepes this week.  How do you make crepes?  Do you make them? or do you buy them?  Hmm...a little crepe help, please??

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  1. LOL! My husband insists on coming with me whenever I have to head to Home Depot. (I don't think he trusts me there;))
    Good luck with the project!
    And gee thanks for the mention! So sweet of you! I hope they turn out!


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