Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My First Migraine and other Grown-up Things

Yep, you heard it here.  I had my first migraine headache yesterday afternoon between the hours of 2:30 and 9:30pm.  What in the world?  I mean, I get headaches pretty frequently, but they're the give-it-a-few-hours-and-pop-an-ibuprofen-and-presto-gone type of headaches.  Nothing like this craziness.  I have a new sympathy for people who get this nastiness frequently.  I bawled my eyes out-no joke.

So naturally I came home and asked the ultimate expert in all things health-related.  Yes.  webmd.
According to webmd, this was most likely brought on my by womanly hormones.  Also a bummer, am I right?  Why does growing up have to be so hard?

Here's to 2 more work days and 1 more class before spring break makes my life glorious.  I'll be kicking it off by meeting up with my college roomie/bestie for lunch.  You see, she just had a birthday and she's also embarking on an exciting new season of her life.  So naturally I need to find the best gift ever...and because I always feel the need to one-up myself, I decided to diy a really fun present.  Depending on how that goes in the next two days, I may or may not share it with you fun people. 

And did I mention we're eating at PF Changs?  I've never been, so I must know...what should I order?


  1. holy moly that is a long time to have a migraine!! i would be going nuts just trying to get rid of that type of head pain. ugh! and yes spring break will be here for you soon. i wish i had spring break, but when you work full-time spring break is called your two week vacation and that is all you get!

    1. I know, right!? I never realized when I was in college how good I had it to have those long semester breaks. It was certainly a reality check for me when I became a full-time teacher (including summer school) and part-time grad student. There's not much in the way of breaks! Spring break will be a little bit of sleeping in and mostly working on grad class projects I haven't gotten to yet, but hey, I'll take it!

  2. Oh girl, first migraine?! They suck huh. I actually got diagnosed with them for several months when I was 13. HORRIBLE. Feel better soon and hope you don't get another one! --- and yes, we probably would get along :)!


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