Monday, March 26, 2012

You Can't Always Get What You Want

but if you try sometime, you just might find...YOU GET WHAT YOU NEED.
-Rolling Stones

Noticed the chorus to this little diddy on a colleague's classroom wall today...and consequently I've been humming it since...while teaching social studies, while on a conference call, while at the grocery store...and despite the awkwardness of those situations, I'm reminded of how true this has been in my own life in the last 7 days.

The hubs and I got to spend some sunny afternoons together last week, traveling around the country running errands and browsing for gardening supplies.  We were on a mission to price fun things like chainsaws and pressure washers and rototillers (NOT as fun as shoe shopping, in case you wondered), but came home without any of those things. 
from the "dating years"...Cape May!

Instead, we came home with an oven (gahh!!!) and a chest freezer!  You see, right after I did my "I'm an appliance dummy" post with a picture of my most coveted gas oven, it's twinzie appeared on the Facebook yardsale page for our area (do you have one of those? and do you love it?)  Shockingly, I got first dibs on it, and even more shockingly, we went to see it and it was perfect, and the shockingest of all, hubby said yes!!  Talk about a steal of a deal.  It's now residing in my basement in all its brilliance and glory until we get the gas hookup going.

And while we cruised right past Rita's on free ice day because the line was a mile long and I was trying not to be bitter about it, we happened upon a bent and dent appliance store that was moving locations the NEXT day and had the perfect little chest freezer at a sweet discount price just waiting to hop into our basement as well.

Let's not talk about how expensive it is to be a homeowner (which reminds me, time to pay the mortgage!)  Rather, let's dwell on the fact that I am SO BLESSED...with big blessings like the appliances we've been dreaming of at bargain prices, and with the even bigger blessing of the sweetest man in history at my side along the way.  And that hunk can sure lift an oven by himself! 
he makes my heart sing!
It sure adds a little extra sunshine to my week to be reminded that the Lord is caring for us and providing for us in surprising and fun ways.  Even more fun to experience those blessings together and deepen our relationship by being thankful together.  Loving these "life" moments with my sweetie.

Had any sweet moments with your man this week?  SHARE!  I'm a sucker for rom coms!

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  1. That's great you're getting the appliances and that you have a sweetie who is awesome. Lucky!


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