Monday, April 2, 2012

So NOT a College Kid Anymore

I spent most of this blustery day on a college campus.  This gave me ample time to think about why I am for sure NOT a college kid anymore.  I mean, I think I looked the part nicely in my moccasins, leggings-as-pants (don't worry, I was wearing a sweatshirt/dress thing so it wasn't THAT scandalous), and messy bun of unwashed hair.  Seriously, NO ONE on campus was wearing pants not containing at least 50% spandex.  Besides the nuns.  Anyway...

Those days feel so far gone.  The days of only really getting ready on the weekends for going out with friends and otherwise LIVING in sweats and clogs (we didn't have uggs yet).  The days of fighting to stay awake through class and squeezing in mini-20-minute naps here and there because you stayed up until 2am talking to your roommate on AIM (now I'm really dating myself).  The days of cafeteria food and endless lattes (thank you, awesome meal plan).  The days of sitting at little bistro tables around the student center, people-watching and being all judgy about "that girl in her sweatpants and her messy updo...I bet she goes TANNING".  Of course, you're wearing sweatpants, too...and you can't remember when you last showered, but still.  THAT GIRL.  
I have to admit I felt a little self-conscious as I raced around trying to find the printer in the library and something to eat for lunch.  
Fish out of water.

I am a part-time grad student, but for me that means rushing straight from work to class once a week, multi-tasking and answering the 10+ emails I didn't get to at work while trying to take notes on the lecture, and ONLY stepping foot on campus if the class I need is not available online.  I'd much rather be sitting at home cuddling my kitty and prancing around my garden.  But today I pulled a lock-myself-in-the-library move to try and write the last paper looming over this semester.  It was a long day, but it was successful, and now I can truly enjoy the rest of my spring break.

So because I am a teacher and I believe very strongly in positive reinforcement, I rewarded myself with one of these on the way home...
Have you had one of these?  Banana pudding milkshake from Chick-fila.  Released today for the spring.  I just can't get enough.

And then I stopped at my favorite produce place that I never get to because they have weird hours.  And check it...
You wanna talk about pops of color this spring...doesn't get any better than this!  All this sweet stuff for $28.  My mouth is watering, and I just ate dinner.

I think I might become a vegetarian...just long enough to use up all these beauties.  Got any fun veggie recipes I should be obsessed with?  Do share!

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  1. Banana pudding milkshake!? That sounds so good! Why can't we have cool things like this in Canada.. I can only wish!


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