Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Long Weekend that Never Should have Ended

Holiday weekends are glorious.  Mine started with getting an iphone.  Hello, brave new world.  Smartphones are crazy fun, people.  I have been living in an instagram-less cave for far too long.  I'm converted.

Just to prove my brand-new coolness, here's the weekend in review a la my fancy new toy.
the only soda I can stomach
colorblocking in 90 degree heat
my kinda trailmix...90% chocolate, 10% trail mix
bright florals for church
breakfast in bed by the hubby...banana bread french toast!
kitty loves a lazy holiday morning just as much as we do!
so THIS is what it's like to have your own pool...le sigh
fun summer toes...Revlon's Cherries on Snow
Please note that I really did DO something this weekend.  I just don't have pictures of coveting pets at the feed and garden shop with a friend or hours of ultra-sweaty gardening.
Here's to knocking out this week and sliding into another weekend!  Huzzah!


  1. that french toast looks delish!

  2. Your colorblock top is so cute! French toast breakfast in bed sounds heavenly :) I need to do that more often!

    Enter to win a clutch!


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